About The African Diaspora Foundation (ADF):

  • Concept conceived & informally organized in 1991
  • Incorporated in 2001
  • A non-profit organization
  • Multi-racial and multi-ethnic
  • Primarily based in Los Angeles, CA
  • Affiliates and members all over the world
  • We stand for peace through education


The African Diaspora Foundation is dedicated to developing peace centers, peace curricula, teachers, and to supporting outreach programs that promote peace, nonviolence and reconciliation in Africa and other parts of the world. Ultimately we strive to empower individuals to have a choice to choose peace instead of violence to build stable communities and progressive nations.


The African Diaspora Foundation (ADF) is committed to developing a coalition of national and international leaders and organizations to address critical issues concerning peace, nonviolence, and reconciliation in Africa. As a non-profit organization, ADF has proposed in partnership with United States universities, to develop peace education centers in Los Angeles and in Africa offering a curriculum aimed at overcoming issues that threaten survival in countries affected by conflict. ADF's plan is that this model program will become an international force in preparing educators for the key task of making peace, nonviolence and reconciliation a working reality.

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