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Dr. Ewa Unoke

October 29, 2009, at the University of Missouri,
Prof. Ewa Unoke of Kansas City Kansas Community College, Member of the Board of Directors of the United Nations Association, UNA of Greater Kansas City and former child soldier introduces the United Nations Under-Secretary-General Radhika Coomaraswamy.



Ewa Unoke, Ph.D., is currently an Associate Professor and Head of the Political Science/Pre-Law Programs at the Kansas City Kansas Community College, Kansas, USA. Major Fields: International Relations and Comparative Politics-(Africa), Howard University, Washington D C; MSc, UNN Nsukka, Nigeria; and BA (Honors) University of Liberia.

Dissertation Topic: "The Post Colonial State in the Maintainace of Internal & International Peace & Security: (United Nations and Nigeria)."

Ewa Unoke, formerly, a Biafran boy-soldier and zonal commander of the Biafran Organization of Freedom Fighters- BOFF is a Human Rights Consultant and Public Speaker on: child soldiering, traditional justice, transitional justice, subaltern studies, conflict resolution, democracy and leadership. Ewa calls himself, "a radical pan-Africanist, subaltern scholar(not a socialist) and postcolonial critic." He travels round the USA and Africa on speaking engagements in colleges, universities and postconflict societies. "My life is an example that the child-soldier,the juvenile delinquent, and the street gangster  can be saved, educated and reintegrated into society as useful citizens," he argues.
"Sometimes, numbers speak louder than words. The U.N. has disarmed and returned over 400,000 combatants and child-soldiers to civilian life. They are mostly from Africa: 72,000 from Sierra Leone; 100,000 from Liberia; 28,000 from Burundi; 126,000 from Congo (DRC). In Darfur, Sudan and Nigeria, unspeakable genocide and oil-conflict continue to escalate the refugee problem. The victims of these African wars desperately need food, education, shelter and hope," he further explains.

Author of many books  and scholarly articles including: "Biafra: Human Rights and Memory"(2010-book chapter); "Africa in a World of Mendacity"(2008); "Ever Bold to Battle Wrong."(2006); "The Untold Story of the Liberian War," (1993); and more. Ewa is the Founder of Students for Global Peace club and Director of the first community college chapter of the Ralph Bunche Society-KCKCC. He is the pioneer/current editor of the KCKCC-Faculty Electronic Journal. Unoke serves on the Kansas Advisory Committee of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, and the United Nations Association-USA of the Greater Kansas Chapter. Ewa Unoke hails from Ntsokara, Ezza, Ebonyi State, Nigeria.


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